Knowledge Sharing Platform
Via Audio Slideshow

Great ideas and information on our work, lives and future are being shared at events all over the world. Seminarlog is a knowledge sharing platform that allows you to easily present information and ideas at seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc., via audio slideshow. We wish to develop better on-line technology to share information and ideas around the world.

Audio Slideshow Player

  • Multi-Device Compatible
  • Playback possible on PC, smartphone, and tablet browsers. (Specific App not required)

  • Skim-Reading Slides
  • Listen to the audio while skim-reading the slides.

  • Playback Speed Adjustment
  • The playback speed can be adjusted to 4 settings (× 0.5, normal, × 1.5, × 2.0).

  • Background Playback
  • As smartphone background playback is possible, you can use Seminarlog while operating other applications and browsers.

  • Embedded Tags
  • Using predefined embedded tags you can embed the player to a web site.

Simple and Easy to Use

Voice Recording

Use a smartphone or a voice recorder to record seminars, conferences and symposiums etc.
* Seminarlog does not have voice recording function.


Upload the slide file along with the recorded audio file.
* Video files cannot be uploaded.

Visibility Settings

There are three settings; "Public" is open to all users, "Unlisted" is released in a closed environment with limited URLs, and "Subscribers" is made open to registered users only.


Seminarlog's original analytics function allows you to keep detailed logs for each slide including playback time and frequency.

Getting Started is Free

Free user registration and channel registration are required to begin

SeminarlogUpload and share your seminarlog You cannot upload filies from tablet or smartphone

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